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About Website

A website is actually a collection of files or documents which is saved in a server ( a specific computer that is always connected to the internet). Each file has its own address called URL (Uniform Resource Locators). If you want to have a website, here are whats you need :
  • Website File : The easiest language to make a website file is HTML (Hyper Text Mark up Language). Even you know nothing about this HTML, you still can make a simple website file by using a regular word processor software just like Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excell or Openoffice for Linux. You just need to save your file as HTML document with .html extension by cliking "save as" tab and chose .html file option. But you must name your file with index.html if you want to make that file become the first page of your website.
  • Website Address (URL = Uniform Resource Locator): There are 4 important parts of URL. The first part is called Protocol, we know it as http:// stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The 2nd one is domain name (sometimes subdomain is included too) e.g., or The 3rd one is Directory, just like a directory in your computer where the files located in specific area. The 4th one is file name e.g., index.html or myfile.html. Here is the example of complete address of a website file
  • Website Hosting : You need a server to host your file before it can be accessed through the Internet. Some times you must pay a hosting company to rent a space in their server and to buy the address of your website, but in this Free Website Tutorial you will learn how to make a website without paying anything to buy the address & hosting space. After you have a good skill to build your own cool website, you can try to buy it and find the cheapest affordable webhosting by using the search engine below.

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